Blind Baby Sampson

The cowboy was at an auction in the beginning of March and he texted me saying there was a blind baby alpaca going up for sale.  He had talked to the owners and they said that this little boy's mom tried to kill him at birth.  He had gotten dirt and rocks in his eyes and now he was blind.  She just didn't have the time for him.  We both knew what had to be done........bring him home.

He traveled in the back seat of the truck on the way home.  At only 15 pounds, he wasn't a big eater and his fleece was coming out in clumps of the shear stress of the auction amongst other things I'm sure.  He hated the nipple that came with him and refused to eat for hours at a time.  

Over the next 2 weeks we taught our newest little baby how to eat on a regular bottle and nipple and the feel of sunshine on his face and grass under his feet.


Our vet has seen him multiple times and we have done triple antibiotics in his eyes for over 2 weeks and PRP plasma therapy.  His ulcers in his eyes have cleared up as much as they can but sadly, he has not re-gained any sight at all.

Now thriving, eating every 3 hours, gaining a fourth of a pound a day and giving heartwarming hugs he will be with us forever.  He has learned to trust my voice and enjoys playing in the grass and jumping around.  He is thriving and such a fighter, we so lovingly now call him Sampson!

We now have a run in built and Sampson now shares his new home with a blind llama named Pedro and a rescue llama named Carrie.

These are just a few of the many rescues that live here at TMMA Farms.   Donations are always welcome and every donation goes to the continuing support of our rescue animals.  Thank you all for your continuing support!