TMMA Farms & Sanctuary Rescue Animals

TMMA Farms and Sanctuary is full running farm but have been rescuing for years.

Now a 501c3, we can focus more on our rescue animals that we maintain and future ones that may come to us. 


Our main focus is to continue our efforts of rescuing farm animals with special needs or unusual situations with hands on daily maintenance, care and love. These animals will never be neglected, abused, unloved or go hungry again.

Most of our rescues seem to find us or come from another sanctuary or rescue but on a very rare occasion we do have to pay a get out of jail, finders fee or bail fee to get these animals out of their current situations.  We also have daily upkeep, vet bills, shearing, farrier work, transportation, housing, grain, hay and anything else that may come up as we expand our rescue areas. This is all to ensure we give the very best care for our rescues.  

Every penny of our donations goes directly back to our very special needs animals.  Any donation is so greatly appreciated and is now tax deductible to the extent of the law. 

If you would like your funds to go directly to helping out for daily care, Southern Living Farm and Gardens in Trion Georgia is our go to feed and farm store. We get all our feed, medication, gates and extra hay from this wonderful family owned small business. We have an open account with them and you can call directly to help support the daily needs of our rescue animals.  15734 Highway 27, Trion, Georgia    (706) 734-4006

We also use our local Tractor Supply for all our other farm needs. Gift Certificates are always welcome!

TMMA Farms and Sanctuary

1570 Halls Valley Rd

Trion, Georgia 30753


Below are just a few of the recues currently on our farm