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Our Farm:

TMMA Farms is located in the North West corner of Georgia called Trion.  We are surrounded with mountains all around us and have perfect weather in the Valley for raising alpacas and llamas.   

We offer over 15 years experience in the alpaca industry with support in finding the perfect alpaca for all your needs while including superior genetics and all in color.  From starting a new farm and looking for alpacas for sale in Georgia, looking for a unique pet or exotic livestock or adding great genetics to your established farm, we can help. 

Yes it's true, you can raise alpacas in the South!  The farm started with only two alpacas in 2003.  Color is our specialty and we breed for show quality huacaya's in color.  Inquiring about raising alpacas are always welcome but we ask by appointment only.
Don't  hesitate to call or email for a visit and experience the wonderful world of alpacas and visit the many rescues from horses, pigs and more!   See below for our basic contact information and directions or visit our Events/Tours page for more detailed information, pricing, about visiting our farm and directions.

If you can't make it out to the farm and shopping for a unique alpaca gift,  please check out our new updated alpaca farm store, here on line.  We will ship anywhere in the U.S. and all orders go out within 24 hours of ordering on line when items are in stock.  Many of our alpaca products are made by hand and made from the fleece of our very own alpacas.  See our tab above or click here to ​go directly to our farm store.



Our Sanctuary:

Rescuing for years and mainly livestock animals, we have now become a 501c3 non profit sanctuary. 

With this side, we can continue our efforts to rescue mainly special needs livestock or that special second chance animal.  

Some may have special medical needs, some training or others just a safe haven to live out the rest of their lives. 

As we grow and maintain our rescues, continuing care is a 24/7 job that requires every day upkeep, feeding, haying, hoof care, medical supplies, monthly herd health and everyday special care for our special needs kids.  We also have vet care when one of our rescues comes in with major issues or problems.

We continue our efforts with advancing our pastures and structures along with electric and water to each and every area. 

Our sanctuary is currently home to llamas, alpacas, donkeys, pigs, cows, chickens and all our dogs that are part of our family. 

100% of our donations go towards every rescue animal here on the farm and any new animals that we feel we can add if there is enough space, time and funds available. 

For more information about our animals currently living at the sanctuary and how you can help to continue our efforts, please see our DONATE tab

For a one time donation, please click the donate button below. 

From all of us at TMMA Farms and Sanctuary, thank your for your continued support!