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Welcome to TMMA Farms and Sanctuary

What are we?

A Rescue……

A Sanctuary…

A Farm……

A 501C3 Organization for all species of livestock in need or with special needs specializing in alpacas and llamas.

Our sanctuary is home to the many faces that have found their way to us and will live out their lives with us. We are a full working farm, a rescue and a sanctuary. We specialize in alpacas and llamas but on occasion, we rescue other livestock in need. We have a wide range of different species of livestock rescues and all have been physically, mentally or emotionally abused or have special needs that need extra care and help daily.

Our job is to keep these faces happy and healthy.

Our job is to have a full tank of gas and have a trailer ready at the drop of a hat so we can help get an animal out.

Our job is to have the knowledge and continue to educate ourselves on what needs to be done to get and keep everyone healthy.

Our job is to continue to grow and build better surroundings for all the faces that live out their lives here in peace.

Our job is to know the laws and working with other rescues for the best outcomes.

Our job is to educate the public on rescue, on the species of animals we have and how to care for them.

These are the many jobs that REAL RESCUES have to be knowledgeable in. This is us, this is true rescue and, we can’t do it without support!!! Our support of love, donations and sharing what we do is priceless to us! We can’t thank y’all enough for your continuing help!


Currently, our large green pastures are home to over 100 rescue livestock from alpacas, llamas, goats, chickens, donkeys and more!

Throughout the year you may also find us out and about at events to educate the public or at fundraiser events or, here hosting our very own, National Alpaca Farm Days, the last weekend in September and Christmas with the Alpacas which is the first weekend in December. 

You can follow us on Facebook and Instagram to see our daily and weekly updates of the farm and our rescue animals. Make a tax deductible donation to help continue to help with our rescues we maintain now and future animals that may need our care and support in the future.  See our Support Us page for all the ways you can help.

Show you Care

With your support, we can continue to provide exceptional care to our resident rescue animals and help future rescues while educating the public about alpacas, llamas, running a farm and the basic needs of caring for animals.  Now a 501C3, your donations are 100% tax deductible.


We believe all animals deserve a good quality of life!

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