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Photo Contest


For the first time, we are having a photo contest!

All the winning photos will go into the first,

2023 TMMA Farms and Sanctuary Calander!!!

We believe all animals deserve a good quality of life!

Our Mission


We are a full working farm and sanctuary. We have been raising alpacas and llamas for 15 years. We also have been rescuing livestock for 15 years and specialize in special needs alpacas and llamas and occasionally bring in other livestock.

We do offer tours to our farm to teach people about raising livestock properly, working farms and our rescues. We also educate the public about alpaca and llama fleece and it’s useable fiber.


There are so many wonderful pet rescues but we have learned there are not enough livestock rescues and even less special needs livestock rescues.  We feel with our knowledge of livestock and alpacas and llamas along with our super vet and our farm, we can offer guidance, support and forever homes for our special needs cases.

Our Vision

A full working farm, a full working sanctuary and a magical place for the public to visit, interact with the animals and learn about farming, camelids, livestock and the proper way to take care of animals.


An educational facility for farming, raising livestock and helping the many special needs livestock that find their way to us to live out the rest of their lives never again in fear or hungry.

This is our goal and we can do it with your help!


We Need Your Support Today!