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Alpacas For Sale


With over 40 in our herd, there are many animals for sale.  Prices range from 1600.00 to 4000.00   We base our prices on age, body style, color and quality of fleece.  We also take into account if they are good breeders, good mothers, heavy milkers, multiple animal purchases and even personality.  

Males and females can be different prices.  

Our males can run from 600.00 to 3000.00   Our lower priced males are males that we consider to be pet quality or fiber animals only and not good breeders.  

We will not sell anything younger than 9 months unless you buy a female with a younger baby by her side.   We will also not sell just one if you are a new breeder.  Alpacas are very herd orientated animals and need a same sex friend to be with.  

Males and females can not be housed together.  

Please don't hesitate to call or email to set up an appointment to see our available alpacas for sale.

Please see our posts below for basic information about alpacas and raising these beautiful fleeced animals!

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